Morning Practice: Addressing Fears

Yesterday was a nervous day. My son was taking an important exam. Periodically during the day, I would have to pause what I was doing and think about what he was doing. I was afraid for him that something might go wrong.

In fact, nothing did go wrong. He came home in good cheer. The exam went fine. And I breathed a sigh of relief. Then came the thought that of course, I knew all along that it would be ok.

this is a good example of something the brain does. It identifies risks and brings our attention to them. It is likely something that was useful when humans lived in the wild. but in the modern world. our fears often get the better of is. Fear holds us back.

I will be adding to my morning routine in order to address this. I keep track of things that I should do during the day and things I am learning. I will start recording the fears that pop up so that I can analyze them out in the open and get over them.


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