Practice Regime: Do You Curate?

One of the things most of us do each day is to read or listen to the news. We want to know what is going on around us. And putting news reading into our daily routine is normal.

In the old days, one might read the newspaper and perhaps listen to the news on TV and you might even watch a cable news or opinion show. Then came internet platforms and an explosion of content. Most of the content is junk, but not all. And the ratio of junk to relevant content is changing.

This leads to some interesting issues. First, how do you find the most valuable stuff on a regular basis? In the not too distant past, that was what blogrolls were for. Then came aggregators and then curated platforms (like Zite and Flipboard). Nice, but how do you know you are accessing the best possible selection of content that matches what you want to learn? Good question. Leveling up to get better content is part of my daily routine.

But there is a second issue as well. Accessing great content on a daily basis gives you great opportunities to learn. But what do you do with the content that you access? Read and forget? How do you track what you are reading, what you are learning, and what you want to learn from future content?

That last set of questions fascinates me. The fact is that we don’t really have great tools yet to do this. I am on the lookout for them and I do my own daily rituals of reading, saving and blogging to achieve this. But I think I could do better. And if we all did better, the web would become a pretty amazing place.


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