Personal Finance – More on Investing in Yourself

I have argued in this thread that no matter what else you do with your money, at least part of it should be invested in yourself. James Altoucher makes this point in a BI video as well.

Some people do this, but I would argue that they do it in overly safe ways. They might enroll in an MBA programme or get a law degree. Nothing wrong with  these things, but they are huge investments. Life changing investments – big commitments. These are not the only ways to invest in yourself.

What are the other ways? Once again, the first step is to invest in figuring out what you are good at and passionate about. Target those things for the first investments – get better at them, do them more, even if they don’t make you money right away. They might later, but even if they don’t, DOING these things will open up avenues of creativity.


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