Drucker: Confidence and Practice

Yesterday I promised an adventure. But before we set out on this adventure, we should do a quick equipment check. Why? Because there is one critical piece of equipment you need to have with you as you go. If you don’t have it, you won’t make it. Gulp! What is it?

It is the confidence that you can learn this stuff. That’s it – confidence. In this post, I hope to persuade you that you can learn how to generate really creative ideas that start off incredible sharing and success in life. We all can, even if we don’t think that way or don’t do it now.

We might start off checking out something that Steve Jobs said. He may have been a jerk, but Jobs was also very smart. And he knew what ideas were worth sharing. Here is what he said about finding the starting point.

Steve Jobs: The Most Important Thing

It all comes down to how you see things. Peter Drucker was on the same wave length years before. But he went a bit further. Drucker argued that we all can see value in what we do more clearly on one condition –  if we practice. Being effective therefore, is nothing more than a set of practices. The more we practice, the better we get.

An aside — remember Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers”? Gladwell wrote that two keys to getting really good at something is 10,000 plus 10. Practice something 10,000 hours over 10 years and you will become a genius at doing it.  Here is Malcolm chatting about his book

The problem is, that Drucker is talking about stuff that most of us haven’t thought of very much. Stuff we don’t practice at all. So most of us haven’t built up the confidence that we can take the executive role. So we give away that role to other folks.

Some key points from Peter’s first chapter

1. We may not be able to manage other people well – but we can manage ourselves. And we need to do that well in order to live well.

2. This is not the same thing as being really smart. It is all about developing great routines. That’s all you need. You are smart enough.

3. These routines will give you the tools to use your knowledge – to become a “knowledge worker”. And the more you practice, the more value you can give others.

So what do we practice? Get ready! That is next. Enjoy!


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