Practice Regime: Beginning the Story

As I have worked on my daily practice regime, one huge issue has become more clear. If I want to use the day by learning from what I do, I have start off the right way. If I don’t start off correctly, the day gets screwed up. It happens every time.

So what is the best starting point for the day? I used to think it was to have in front of my the key three or four things that I need to accomplish that day. I still do this – and I have been practicing to get this list ready and useful each day.

But I need to do something before  I get to that list. The reason is that the list — as good as it may be  —  is an expression of something deeper. It only makes sense in light of the underlying story. And it is easy to lose track of these stories.

So my early morning practice regime starts with a recap of the stories I am building. How do I do that? More on that later!



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