Practice Regime: Seeing the Tension

As a child of the 1960’s, who grew up in the US, I have inherited a love of freedom. Not the reality of freedom, but the idea of it. The idea of being on “the open road”, and “letting one’s hair down”. This includes an obsession with comfort over formality.

I will never give this up and I do not want to. On the other hand, I have noticed something that I need to practice. When one craves freedom, one inherently disrespects process. The suspicion is that process will lead to encumbrance and eventually smother that divine and original spark of creativity.

Well, process is needed to get better at anything. And process is justified most when we see that beauty is at risk. When there is danger in the air. How well one sees these risks depends on one’s openness to the idea that risk is possible in the first place. Ah! Something one can improve by connecting risks that one feels with processes to deal with them.

This is an ongoing training theme. Rather than feel risk and dismiss it as premature, to record it and think about what is needed over time to meet the threat.  What you find out is that this heightens sensitivity to “tension”. And this moves the story lines that you live forward. Life without some tension is a bore.


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