Practice Regime: Are You Good Enough?

As I continue developing my practice regime,  I am beginning to see something about myself a bit more clearly. That “thing” is an attitude.

I started this regime because I felt I needed to learn more about how to upgrade what I do. To learn from doing. And I have learned a lot about how I do things. Bravo! Moreover, I have become more active, itself a nice benefit. I have also begun to see myself in a bit different light. And that deserves a bit of explanation.

Allow me to ask you a question. What is the difference between who you are and who you want to be? There are at least two different ways of answering this rather important question. One answer is that you want to do something or things at a higher level. In other words, you are satisfied with who you are, but not satisfied with what you can do. Another answer is that you are not satisfied with who you are now, and hope that by doing certain things, you can improve yourself.

If you are a media hound like me (I vacuum up a huge amount of media every day), you probably will  have noticed that the media does not provide much assurance that who you are is pretty damn good. Indeed, “you” are largely invisible. So where do you get positive feedback that reinforces a positive self-image? Good question.

If you are fortunate, you get it from relationships that you have and you can get it from yourself.  How does that work? It is not about transmission of information. It is not, for example “Congratulations, you have scored very high on the father metric.” It is instead a transmission of feelings. And that is something worth practicing.


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