Practice Regime: Personal Finance

I have noticed that “personal finance” is a hot blogging topic. Folks like Mr. Money Mustache are popular indeed. Most likely it is because many of us have problems dealing with our finances. And of course, around tax return time, those worries get more intense.

I have decided that I will add personal finance as a practice topic here in this strategic thinking blog. It is not because I am especially good at managing my personal finances. To the contrary, my main personal finance strategy throughout my adult life has been to find more income! I have always presumed that I could make more and therefore did not need to worry about budgeting in the short term. Well, this has been fun but it is not advice that I would give to all.

The reason I want to start writing about personal finance is that  financial decisions that we make are directly related to our overall strategic perspective in life. Put another way, we cannot design our lives if we cannot afford the design.

So these poss will not just about cost cutting and budgeting. Those things are nice, but to be honest, I don’t think they are that complicated. Instead, I will be blogging about how to use the finances that we can generate more wisely. Investing in ourselves and in productive assets. And I will be writing from my own experiences.

Stay tuned!


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