Practice Regime: How Well Do You Rest?

This sounds like a silly question, right? Rest is just rest. How can you do it better or worse? Well, Jim Loehr would argue to the contrary. Not all rest is equally restful. For example, we may think that going out for a night on the town is restful. It may or may not be depending on many factors, for example, how much you drink.  Conversely, we may think that lying down is restful. Well, it may or may not be depending on what your mind does while you are lying down.

I agree with Jim that not all rest is equal. And I agree with him that our culture does us a disservice by not encouraging us to rest better and more often.

So I am putting rest practice in my daily regime to see if I can upgrade my own rest capacity. Step one — designating rest periods more often and when I rest, make a conscious decision that this is for rest – nothing more. So while I rest, I will not pay heed to pesky inner voices reminding me to take out the trash, pay the bills, write a letter to my godmother, and so forth.


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