Robinson: Transforming Education

We have just been told by Ken Robinson, who knows what he is talking about, that education reform is not the way out of our current problem. The way forward is with education transformation.

What does that look like? He gives a number of examples, and they all have one thing in common. In each example, schools create an alternative reality for the kids and they learn in order to do stuff in that space. That alternative reality may be via use of drama or even creating a new locality governed by the school. But the context engages the imagination and makes work fun.

The point is that one does not focus on a “subject” as such (a given domain). Instead, teachers focus on creating an environment that gives domains meaning. And yes, this means ´using the arts as well as other creative tools.

So if we want to transform a sterile classroom lecture hall into a learning environment, we need to find ways to introduce context. To stimulate imagination rather than rote memorization.


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