Robinson: transformation

For many of us, work is not fun. It i important and indeed necessary for income., but it is stressful and boring.  What to do? Well, some of us just suffer. We accept that life is not perfect and therefore give up the idea that we could do better. Others try to escape whenever they can. They might do this via TV or other media or through pleasure seeking.

But there is one other option. If you find your element and focus on it in your spare time, you can transform yourself. You can create meaning for yourself and others. You just need to give yourself over to that bright shining thing during the times when you can.

What kind of transformation is possible? Well, Sir Ken gives some pretty amazing examples. Doctors who write incredible novels, dentists who play rock music, software engineers who deliver books to kids who don’t have any.

Impressive — and passion based with limited time.


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