Practice: Expanded Bright Moments

As I worked on my practice regime yesterday, I noticed something strange. As the work got a bit more difficult, my mind drifted towards what I call a “bright moment”. Something that gives me pleasure. The pleasure didn’t need to be tangible or huge. But it was very personal. For example, the pleasure I felt in seeing my son graduate from school. And the pleasure in seeing a basketball prospect develop on an NBA team that I follow. Things like that.

I began to think about this more deeply and I realized that I reach for these bright moments more often than I realized. A lot more often. In fact, one or another of them is always in the back of my mind. They give me energy when I need it. They may difficult things easier.

So I realized that I should be more careful about how I incorporate bright moments into my practice regime. I will start recording them and keeping track of the times when they come to mind. And I will see if I can expand my bright moments repertoire.

More on this as I go forward.


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