Robinson: Starting Late

There are no doubt many people around the planet who feel “locked into their lives”. They have walked down a long path to get to where they are now, and are therefore reluctant to even think about moving away from that path. Even if they are miserable.

Well, this is not true for everyone. Ken Robinson offers numerous examples of folks who only found their domain and got into their element when they were middle aged or even older. Moreover, we should take into account that life expectancies are increasing. Being 60 now is not the same as being 60 even 20 or 30 years ago. Folks can move forward, and they have time to do it.

Why do we limit ourselves? Well, one reason is the mistaken notion that life is  linear. I can be so if you make it that way. But the mind is capable of doing better and many people have lived non-linear lives. Take Ridley Scott who went from art school to printing to tv to advertising to film.

The key to living this way is to nurture your mind and body. How? Well, that is next!


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