Practice Regime: Finding Consistency

This is an ongoing thread about the discoveries that I make by developing daily practice regimes. It is easy to set up a schedule that slots your time to do various things during the day and every day. And it is easy to track what you are able to accomplish. These things I have done.

As I wrote before, it gets more challenging to track the pace of change. How much capacity am I building as opposed to getting locked into a mechanical set of tasks? This is, I think a problem of consistency.

The simplest cure for developing consistency is to align what you practice with what you are passionate about. Your passion will keep your eyes on the prize, so to speak.  And this is the underlying idea behind Ken Robinson’s “The element” as well as Csiszentmihalyi’s “Flow”. The idea is that from passion one derives focus.

I learn about my passions as I do the things I am practicing. I see myself doing in ways that get closer to who I think I should be. That takes me closer to what they said about Einstein’s vision – he could filter out everything (make it all invisible) except for what he wanted to see.

So, in my practice routine, I will be tracking my ability to see.


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