Practice Regime: The Day End Assessment

After a month or so of developing my practice regime, I am pleased by the results of focus. It has taken a lot less time to “level up” in basic activities than I thought it would. But I am nagged by a problem that I have not quite solved yet — tracking.

What goes into tracking? Quite a few things actually. First, you need a tracking tool that enables you to see the broader picture before you. A “to do” list and even a “project list” are not enough. Why not? because these don’t give you enough focus on how to level up. They just tell you what tasks are before you.

Assuming that you have this tool., then it has to be integrated into your scheduling tools, calendar, to do lists, etc. so that you don’t have to remember all of the practice regime issues that brought this to your agenda.  And you need a metric for assessing practice as you go.

This is not rocket science but there is a problem. Once you start tracking you tend to overdo it. You generate too much information each day. The best way around this is to take a few minutes at the end of the day to do your assessment — and store data (rather than carry it forward), and set up your practice regime for the next day. I do this now and wonder how I got along without it before.


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