Practice Regime: Finding Safety

Over the last several months, I have been engaged in an experiment. The experiment is to see if I can develop a more nuanced “practice regime”. What’s that? It is a daily routine that enables me to focus on things that need to get done and learn how to do those things at a higher level. I will be blogging about this here as I go forward.

As I mentioned before, committing to practice (rather than just doing stuff) opens the door to a new kind of experience. Instead of racing to get things done, you tend to slow down to see how well you are doing. An important step to get there is giving up the idea of completing each task before moving on. The smaller the component that you do, the easier it is to learn from it. So you don’t wash all of the windows of your house, you do just one or two., and look closely at the process.

There is an unexpected by product. I mess doing things the quick and easy way.  Somehow, there was a certain safety in not having time to worry about quality. Sounds weird, but I feel it. It is the pleasure of tacit rebellion.

Is this just an echo of old habits? Or is there something else there. Something more important?  I am not sure and will give it some more thought.



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