Robinson: Something Holding You Back?

So far Ken Robinson has been pretty eloquent about how great getting into the flow or zone can be. He described personal and relationship issues that help us get there. But this is not the full picture. It is not the full picture because of an odd quirk of our human nature. We tend to hold ourselves back. We create barriers for ourselves. It is now time to address these barriers, and there are 2 types

  • personal
  • social
  • cultural

He calls them circles of constraint.  And the first one is personal.

here is the key point — you do not emerge as a unique person without the will to make it happen. It requires an act of will to say “I am that sort of person”. “I can”. “I will.” What holds us back? by and large it is fear. We all have an inherent fear of being.

How to overcome it? One way is to look at how people DO over come it. These are people who have no choice – people with physical handicaps. Like chuck Close, the artist who at the height of his career found he could no longer move his arms and legs. Or the dancers at Candoco in the UK.

These folsk have no choice but to use their will power. You can too! If fear is a huge issue for you, Ken recommends a book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers.


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