My Practice Regime: Focus

Over the last month or so, I have been conducting an experiment. The object of the experiment is me. I am tracking how well I practice during the day.

The first step has been to start building a tracking system. I thought this would be relatively easy. Just write down what I am doing. In fact, it is more complex than it appears. The main difficulty is that tracking systems (logs, diaries, etc) quickly develop a life of their own. So instead of being a nice tool, they become the master.

The cure is to impose limits on what you track. I chose (sort of at random) to track my house management. Each day, I would track the routine things that I do to keep my place going.

Very funny. I found out very quickly that I was not doing half the stuff that I should be doing, especially in cleaning and repair. Oops! So I had to create a daily routine just to catch up with this stuff, which was a pain in light of all of the other stuff that I do during the day. The only way forward was to take incremental steps. To force myself to break down tasks into minute parts of tasks and do only a small part each day.

The result? I have done far more than I thought I would. And what was I practicing? This has turned into organizational practice. And I am getting better at it.

Small progress!


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