Robinson: Tribes v. Crowds

Ken Robinson is a big fan of tribes. You can see why! They validate, they inspire and create synergies around ideas. But not all groups are like that.

What about the group that assembles for a sporting event or a concert or a political rally. Is that a tribe? In fact, it appears to be the opposite. Instead of enhancing individual creativity, the crowd seems to make you more anonymous.  You give yourself over to something outside of yourself rather than enhance what is inside yourself.

But that is not totally true. Some spectators in a crowd find a different sort of role that enables them to get above the fray. They critique what is going on. Or, in the world of the web, they curate. This means selecting what they think is important, and re-casting it for the crowd to help others see more clearly what is happening.

As the web grows in complexity, no doubt this curating skill will become more important. So how good are you at it?


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