My Practice Regime: A Self Assessment

I have been writing, on and off, about the need to develop a practice regime during the day. The need for this should be rather obvious. Life has its core tasks. These are tasks that are prerequisites for finding success and happiness. Whatever they may be, we should be able to perform them at a master’s level if we want to maximize our chances of living a good life.

Let’s set aside for a moment what tasks these may be. Whatever they are, we have to be good at practice in order to do them better. So, how good are you at practice? Or do you go about the day pretending that you already are a master at everything you touch?

For one month now, I have been tracking how well I practice during the day. And I found out that my practice regime sucks. Here are a few things that I am doing wrong

  • I personalize success and failure, rather than see them as measures of performance
  • I rush, which then makes it difficult to break down what I do into skill sets that can be improved
  • I am easily distracted from practice by “crisis”
  • I do not track my improvements

Lord! Can I do better?`Stay tuned! I will keep you informed.


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