Do You have Time to “Get Good” at something?

The pace of life accelerated when the clock was introduced. With this tool, mankind suddenly had a tool to measure how long he and she spent on given tasks. Things went much further with the assembly line, a system based on the idea that a task can be broken down into components, with each component done according to pre-defined standards – including speed.  Lucy parodied this rather well in the chocolate factory skit

See something wrong here? There are a number of them. But from my perspective — the perspective of improving strategic learning — this is pure insanity. The worker spends huge energy to do a limited task to perfection, but has no idea of the overall value of the task to the community. He is detached from the social learning process. So it is no surprising that people put in this situation tend to get stuck.

If you want to do better — and don’t we all? — you need to put yourself in a position where you have time to get better. That means you have time to see beyond the task at hand, as well as the opportunity to build skills that make you more broadly valuable to the community.

I will be posting about this as we go forward! Onward!


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