Robinson: Seeing Creativity

So, how creative are you? Ken Robinson asks audiences that question, and most answer around 5 on a scale of 1 to 10.Oddly, people give themselves different grades for how intelligent they are and how creative they are.

But are intelligence and creative unrelated? In fact they are “blood brothers”. You cannot be creative without intelligence. And the highest form of intelligence is found in thinking creatively.

It is a myth that only special types of people are creative (like Picasso). Everyone is born with a tremendous capacity for creativity. But it must be developed (like learning to read and write).

It is also a myth that creativity applies only to certain types of activities (like in the arts). It is everywhere.

Finally it is a myth that you either are or are not creative – that it is a fixed trait. You can become more creative by developing your creative capacity. The first step is to see the link between creativity and intelligence – via the fundamental feature of all intelligence – the imagination.

We will look at that next.


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