Building an Ecology

One of the strategic ideas coming to the surface these days relates to a business model called “venture building”.

The idea here is not to build a single product for a single market. Instead, it is to nurture people who are loosely connected (networked) who have various ideas and connect them into project groups as needed. The goal is to become more flexible and fast moving.

Does it work? First, we should keep in mind that this is not really a new business model. PARC has been using it for a while. ´Whether it produces stuff of value depends a lot on the ability of the folks in the system to produce what I call “modular learning”. They need to be free enough to create, but have a clear enough vision of how their work connects to other creations in process.

I will be looking for the world’s best examples of venture building to talk about the skills sets that make it work in this blog. Stay tuned!


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