Stating Forcefully Who You Are!

Part of the strategic learning process is story building. Great lives are great stories, created by the people who lived them. And then they are told by many others because the story resonates.  A basic point — stories won’t resonate with others if they do not resonate within yourself.

So how do we build stories that resonate with ourselves? Part of the challenge is taking a closer look at what we mean when we say “ourselves”. We are a lot of things put together. And not all of those things resonate. Some are just dross. Stuff that we would like to keep private. Some are just details. Boring stuff. So what is left over?  Good question. What is actually there beyond the dross and the detail?

Consider this opening line from a book by famous trial lawyer Gerry Spense. The book is called “With Justice for None“. BTW, that is a title that resonates.

I feel like a farmer who has spent all of his life on forty rocky ares and one day thinks he’s qualified to tell you something about the state of agriculture in America.

The narrative theme is — a man worked hard all his life at something that may not have produced much has something to say.  You may not agree with what that man is going say, but you have to respect where he coming from. His identity resonates.

Does yours? If you cannot say “yes” with confidence, don’t despair. Too few among us can honestly say “yes”. And this is something we can work on. Indeed, we should work on it if we want to develop a strategic sense.


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