Kaizen for Beginners

If you buy into the idea that you can create a great life, you are implicitly buying into the idea that you know how to build improvements in your life as you go. That you are capable of “leveling up”.

Where does this capability come from? I do not believe that we are born with it. It is, instead learned. If so, then we have good reason to “learn how to learn”. Not just to know more, but to know how to use knowledge for making life better.

You might think of this on a grand scale. For example, making life better by finding a cure for cancer or solving global warming or ending war. But these grand ambitions do not take you to the next step in your day to day activities. And to have a hope of getting anywhere, that next step must be a step up.

That is kaizen, in a nutshell. Kaizen is a philosophy that demands focusing on doing each thing a bit better. No matter how small. No matter how seemingly inconsequential. You can practice kaizen, and I think it is worth practicing. And you can adopt kaizen as an organizing principle. The small things that we do give us the creativity to approach the larger things that we want to achieve.



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