The Greatest Adventure of All

What is it? Is it space exploration? Or perhaps voyaging to the bottom of the sea? Or perhaps mapping obscure locations on the planet?

Richard Feynman thought it is understanding how the universe around us actually functions. It is an adventure because we have only scratched the surface in understanding it.

Want an example? Why does life form? We know that earth did not always host life. And we believe that life most likely started when inorganic compounds became organic compounds and organic compounds became autonomous actors – they became alive. But why?

The answer to this question would tell us a great deal about the rest of the universe, especially whether there is life out there. And the answer could be very simple. For example, perhaps what we call life is simply a more efficient way of capturing and using external forms of energy.  If so, we might expect to find life where external energy sources are abundant.

It doesn’t matter whether this particular hypothesis is correct. It may or may not be. What does matter is that we pursue models and test them so that we can inch forward in our understanding. That is an adventure.

You may say, well, I am not a physicist. That does not mean that you are not on an adventure as well. You are a conscious being, aware of your identity and use of identity over time. Why do you do what you do? What meaning do those things have? That may depend on what meaning yo give them. It may be that you have a choice. So what do you choose? That is a strategic question. Want to get better at answering it? Then join in! This model can help you.


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