Three Cheers for Serendipity!

Steve Johnson’s new book gives us a fantastic glimpse at how “serendipity” works.  You never know what value added a new idea will lead to. So Gutenberg’s press led to design of better reading glasses which in turn led to the invention of the microscope and micro biology.

The same serendipity applies to space exploration. Some moan and groan about paying to send rockets into space. But, the learning from this has led to a huge amount of serendipitous value added. Here is perhaps one moer

The company’s founder, Elon Musk, announced that SpaceX would be designing a fleet of low-orbit satellites to bring wi-fi to the entire planet. Take that promise as a taste of the real-world benefits of funding modern space travel beyond just saving our lives. Who wouldn’t want worldwide free wifi?!

Here is the thing — you learn stuff every day as you get better at what you do. But where does the serendipity go? That is a strategic problem!


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