Are You Self-Directed?

If you graduated from university in the 20th century, you probably have a hard time with this. Why? Because throughout your academic career, you were the opposite — others directed and monitored your learning. Consider this idea

As Summit Denali teacher Brian Johnson explained to our team, “We crafted personalized learning so that it’s more than kids learning something when they’re ready for it.  It is also about students learning to manage the learning process themselves.  We can prepare students academically for college, but they need something more so that they are successful when they get there.  Kids need to know which learning strategies work for them and which ones don’t.  They need to know when and how to access resources and navigate systems. They need to be self-directed.”

That is the starting point for strategic learning — to  build learning form what you want to do . Not just from what you have to do (that is called “work”). But from what you want to do over time.

Interested? let me know!


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