The Learning to Learn Market

Tim Ferriss (a guru of the learning to learn movement) is onto something. Tim argued — and demonstrated — that one can learn how to learn more efficiently.  And Tim makes a very good living writing about this, talking about this, and doing it.

A part of the charm here is his positive attitude. And this is something that others, like Tony Robbins , offer as well. Not just to have a positive attitude, but to evangelize how important it is to maintain a positive attitude. BTW, I am on board with this 100% and would go even farther — you can learn about that if you invest in my course.

But that is not all Tim offers. Tim offers a model for learning faster. For example, mastering the 20% of the stuff that delivers 80% of the results. This 20/80 rule is now famous. We used to call it prioritizing, but hey, new vocabulary is great if it gets people’s attention.

But the fact is we are just at the beginning of this “learning to learn” era. We have only scratched the surface of understanding how to unleash the creative capacity of the brain. And I think we will see a whole next generation of “learning to learn” products and services over the next decade. I am not alone in nurturing that expectation.

But I will take this one step further. We will also see more and better ways to find value from learning. So that you can get paid by sharing what you learn as you do it. And that is the goal of the model here. Stay tuned!


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