Frugality is a Tactic, Not a Strategy

Remember the advice that Polonius gave to his son?

Neither a borrower nor a lender be!

This is often taken as good advice. But is it? Before addressing the substance, we might keep in mind that in Hamlet, Polonius is actually a fool. A person who has no real idea what is going on in the play. He is dispatched when he meddles in things that are way over his head. So why should we take advice from this character?

But ok. What about the substance? Stripped to the essentials, it is an argument for keeping distance. Avoiding emotional engagement that leads to excess. Borrowing is excess and lending is feeding excess.

What happens when we do this? We disengage. We stand on the sidelines and watch our fellow humans as if they were a different species. We remove ourselves form their history. Nicht gut!

That does not mean that we borrow and lend stupidly. It does mean that we connect and prepare ourselves for the obligations that connection requires. And that is more than mere frugality.

Want to learn more about the strategic power of connection? Stay tuned here! Better yet, join in on this part of the course, coming up!


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