Fathers – What is the Most Important Thing You Can Give Your Kids?

Hmmm … this is a tough question. You want to give so much! Some of it, though, is less important in the long run.  But what is THE most important thing?

Entrepreneur offers a list of 3 “traits” that kids need to be successful these days:

  1. self-confidence
  2. durability
  3. creativity

The article offers a few ideas about how to offer this to your kids, and the tips are not bad. But the article makes an underlying assumption. That assumption is that you already possess these traits in sufficient measure to impart. Do we have this?

My suggestion is that we never have enough of the things that make us creative and “durable” (I use the word resilient). How to get more? you get this by working on strategic learning skills. Stay tuned for more!

BTW, I love this story about parenting from John Wooden. Wooden was a great basketball coach. That is well known. What is less well known is that his players have generally done well in life. He was also a great mentor. How did he do it? Here is an example

A former player saw coach and stopped to say hello. He said “hey coach! M wife just had a baby boy!” Wooden asked “Do you know what is the best thing you can give your son?”

Think about it. Here we are again. Is it self-confidence? Resilience?  Creativity? What?

Wooden said “Show him that you love his mother”.

Think about the advice. Wow! It sets a life long agenda that is doable and has amazing multiple effects. That is the type of training I love!


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