Jennifer Lopez on Fear

BI offers a profile of Ms Lopez and her new book “True Love”. The grabber

for Jennifer Lopez, whose list of accomplishments runs the gamut from selling platinum albums to starring in movies to designing her own clothing and fragrance lines, staying with one steady gig too long can hold you back from pursuing bigger — and sometimes riskier — things. 

She writes

“I had been so afraid of it all — afraid I would fail, afraid people would criticize me… And then I realized if I didn’t believe in myself, nobody else would either… If I didn’t do this tour, I’d probably regret it for the rest of my life… I loved being on Idol, but it was time to move on. It didn’t make sense for me to spend a third year in a row sitting on a panel, judging other singers, especially if the main reason I was doing it was for the security of it.”

Most of us don’t have the capital or network that Ms Lopez enjoys. And so it is easy to dismiss her admission of fear as part of an ego play. And way to get attention. But I think this is real. Climbing higher on the ladder does not eliminate the fear factor. In fact, it may increase it. If you have more to lose, you have more reasons to play it safe.

is that so bad? In the short run, it may not seem that way. But the more you play it safe, the more you slow down the learning game. That is always dangerous.


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