The Feynman Technique – Learning and Language Intersect

Scott Young offers a learning technique that he calls “the Feynman Technique”!. It is pretty simple, and worth trying out. On a more basic level, we all benefit from thinking about how we go about learning. As Dan Kahenman points out, it does not come automatically. We have to do stuff to engage the “slow thinking” part of the brain and then more stuff to engage memory and deep thinking.

Three tools help. One is visualization. If you can imagine what something looks like, you are one step closer to being able to use it.  A second is language. Talking through something helps you see more clearly what you know and what you don’t know. Scott’s tip is a good one — make the language simple. Convert technical terms into words that anyone could understand. Third is story telling. If you can visualize a story line that uses the thing you want to learn, you will remember it much better.

A tip – the more you practice these things, the better you get at using them.


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