Some things are Irresistible!

If humans were creatures of logic, we would probably not use the word “irresistible”. The word suggests that certain things cause us to toss aside prudence and grab for it. But history shows us that certain things are irresistible to us. The feeling arises in given contexts, but it does arise.

This leads to a rather simple and powerful idea. If you want to find success in life, it must be connected to something that is irresistible to you and preferably, to  others too.

So what goes into irresistibility? First, it is something that shines out. That grabs our attention and won’t let go. In other words, it is something far greater than we are ourselves.  Second, it is something that starts a story. Indeed, something that opens the door to greatness in ourselves. that kind of story. Third, it evidences mastery of a great genius. It might be the genius of another (like a Van gogh painting). But to be irresistible, the thing must link to genius. So, larger than us, starting a story and linking to genius.

All a bit abstract. But here is the thing. If you are not sensitive to these feelings, you may be resisting too much for your own good!


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