Stages in Building Success

The value of gaming is not yet fully realized. There lingers a misunderstanding that we gamify things to make them fun. Well, this may happen, and there is nothing wrong with having fun. At the same time, the real reason we gamify is to facilitate “leveling up” our performance in key life tasks.

In the old days “leveling up” was a localized idea. One mastered one’s life calling, whether that was to be a farmer or a banker or a king. It was only fairly recently that mankind began to accept that we can choose our life’s calling. We can form our identity based on what we seek to master. A farmer’s son could become a doctor, for example.

That was one of the great breakthroughs in the 20th century. Millions of people, thankfully men and now women too, made creative choices about who they wanted to be and mankind enjoyed a far greater wealth of competences than it had ever had before.

What now? In the 21st century, it is likely that we will have more and better opportunities to fine tune who we are and who we could be. In other words , we will enjoy a greater wealth of choices. And we will need to get better at leveling up more frequently (not just in school).

If this is where we are headed, we need better thinking about how leveling up works. It is a knowledge management problem. And solving that problem involves a trilogy of challenges. awareness, strategy and skills building.


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