Felix Dennis: On Being Rich

Felix Dennis passed on recently which gives us a chance to assess his life. He was a self-made man. More than that, he was perhaps one of the most successful self-made men you could imagine. He made his money in magazines. And here is what he had to say about being rich (from Daily Reckoning)

I have been very poor and I am now very rich. I am an optimist by nature. And I have the ability to write poetry and create the forest I am busy planting. Am I happy? No. Or, at least, only occasionally, when I am walking in the woods alone, or deeply ensconced in composing a difficult piece of verse, or sitting quietly with old friends over a bottle of wine. Or feeding a stray cat… I could do all those things without wealth.

The point is not that being rich is a bad thing. It is that achieving success is less satisfying that the adventure of getting there. How we structure our adventures is what matters. And that is a matter of strategy.


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