What Needs to be Said?

this is a quick update on the structure of creative dialogue.

When we connect with people, we usually do so with an agenda in mind. For example, a friend might be needed for companionship or inspiration or fun. The friend may have a totally different agenda, but that may be ok as long as the friendship fits the agenda.

But creative partnering is a bit different. We can still use the vocabulary of an agenda that meets needs – but the needs are different. They are not just for pleasure. They are to open our eyes to see new things. And that can be unpleasant.

So it is that creative partners often don’t like each other all that much. But they need each other and the smarter ones understand that different kind of need.  The dialogue often goes like this. A makes a creative expression. Let’s call it X. B looks at X and thinks, how do I translate X into my vocabulary. And B then produces Y. A sees Y and thinks – that opens the door to W. And on and on.

It is a game that you don’t want to end and it starts from what needs to be expressed to open the doors to perception.


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