Getting Smacked versus Getting Stuck

Over the past year, I have seen and experienced quite a few instances of “getting smacked”. You might call these instances “reality sandwiches”. We all have to deal with these moments in life. And you can credibly argue that the quality of our lives depend heavily on how we emerge from the experiences.

The worst effect is when we get stuck. When we can’t find a way beyond the hurt. When the hurt keeps coming back in an echo effect. The longer we allow this to continue, the more the wound festers. Somehow we need to put an end to it.

But how? It can be very hard to get the engine started again and move forward. It can be scary too. The known pain — as bad as it may be — is a familiar and predictable feeling. Some even become addicted to it as a reminder that they do actually feel.

The quickest way I know to get that engine going is to recognize that dwelling on the pain is a way to feel sorry for yourself. When you boil it all down, being stuck is an excuse for not living. When you put it in these terms, things get a bit more clear.


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