What is the Starting Point?

One of the most far reaching insights that I have  had is that experience and interpretation of experience occur separately. In other words, we live at least 2 lives at the same time, experiencing things and making sense of what happens as it happens.  And we are only episodically aware of these parallel tracks. This is why we do not remember what actually happens. We remember our interpretation of that experience.

This is what makes the idea of “goals” so fascinating.  We formulate goals as matters of interpretation. We believe that achieving a goal will make our experiences in the future somehow better. And this is necessary to find meaning in life. But there is a hitch here as well. Experiencing the achievement of a goal is not the same thing as loving the pursuit of the goal. Winning is a different experience than wanting to win. This can lead to some frustration.

There is a way out. Goals are great as benchmarks. But they are just starting points for the story that follows. And the challenge to finding meaning in life is to become sensitive to making those stories great. That doesn’t just happen on its own. We have to make it happen. And that is the heart of great strategy.




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