More on Creating Space: The NBA Cup

The US National Basketball Association (NBA) is big business. And the business model has evolved from early days where ticket sales drove the franchises. But one thing has remained constant. There is a huge incentive to force players to play more. So the seasons have grown longer and longer and sadly a bit boring. This means a lot of meaningless games.

Is there a cure? One cure would be to play fewer games. Hmmm .. but given the economics in play, this would make it harder to pay for the show. Prices would have to go up. Niccht gut! Another way might be to offer a side show.

A side show? How about a mid-season “cup” where any team could win.. Anything can happen in a single game, so even not so great teams could give their fans something to cheer for. This already works in the UK. And the NBA is thinking about it.

You didn’t know that you actually wanted more basketball, right?


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