Steve Jobs: Dare to Think Big!

No doubt you have heard this many times. Dare to be great! But how many of us actually do “dare”? And how many of us, given the opportunity, play it safe?

I think that we all play it safe more often than we should. And Dan Kahneman (author of Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow) supports this belief with research about our biases. So it is great to be able to reach out for a life story that is all about thinking big. And that life story belongs to Steve Jobs.   Venture Beat offers a nice summary of “life lessons” from the great Jobs. It is worth a quick look.

Where does it start? It starts with a decision that this is who you are. Not who you want to be in the future. This is you now. So go live it! Remember — strategic thinking is about making choices. And this is a big one that we should see.


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