Lawrence Lessig: Care for a Bit of Hope?

If you have not followed the news, Lawrence Lessig just led a fundraising drive to create a Super Pac to end super Pacs. That fundraising produced $12 million that will now be spent on the 2014 elections. Why is it important? Simple. The pressure to raise money to be competitive in US elections via SuperPacs is corrupting American politics. Some would argue that it is endangering the country.

It is an impressive achievement. So how did it happen? Lessig says

… f you can give people hope about (achieving something important like campaign finance reform)  they respond in a very powerful way. The conventional wisdom is people aren’t engaged in this issue. But our belief is they’re not engaged because they don’t feel they can do anything about it. Give them a plan and they want to participate. (emphasis added)

BTW, notice that Lessig acknowledges that this is a belief on his part. He does not know for sure if engagement follows hope, but because of the importance of the issue at hand, he is ready to test this belief. So far the evidence supports his belief. But this is just the beginning of the game. It is a story worth watching.

So, you might ask yourself. Are you good at giving people hope? If you want to make strategic connections, it is worth thinking about. Join the adventure!


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