“Participant media” and Impact

As a lawyer, I know that it is not easy to persuade people. It is even harder to move people to act. This is why negotiation is an art form. I also know that we rarely think about how effective our communications are. We assume that people hear what we say. They generally don’t. And even when they do, they interpret our ideas into their agendas. Oops!

This has always been important. But it is more important these days when we communicate much more at a distance (where we cannot see the reactions to our messaging – like in blogging). Can we get better at this? Sure. Lot’s of folks are working on measuring effects and learning from what works Participant media, for example, is an entity that is trying to learn how to measure the impact of social messaging in films. They need to read Bob Cialdini’s famous book “Influence” among other efforts to track this.  They might also check out Jonah Berger’s “Contagious”.

And for the rest of us? That’s right! Time to re-think how we do messaging. Join the adventure!


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